Honey food ingredient supplier

Why do you need to buy Honey from a reliable Honey Food Ingredient Supplier?

Honey is not only rich in antioxidants and nutrients, but also it has antibacterial properties. Moreover, this syrupy liquid which is made by the honeybees from nectar, plays a vital role in diabetes management and is considered as a part of a balanced diet. Honey offers a lot of health benefits and can be used as several home remedies as well as alternative medicine treatments. But to get all these benefits, you need to buy authentic and pure honey, so make sure that you are purchasing this food product from a reliable Honey food ingredient supplier.

Health benefits of honey

  • Honey contains a lot of nutrients

As per the research, 64 calories and 17 grams of sugar are contained in one tablespoon or 21 grams of raw honey. Moreover, raw honey contains small amounts of calcium, magnesium, manganese, niacin, pantothenic acid, potassium, phosphorus, zinc, and riboflavin.

Honey is rich in antioxidants

If the honey is minimally processed, there will be found several important bioactive plant compounds along with antioxidants like phenolic acids, as well as flavonoids. Remember, antioxidants help in neutralizing ROS (Reactive Oxygen Species) in the body.

  • Honey helps to improve heart health

Honey helps to prevent heart disease. According to the research, honey helps to lower blood pressure along with improving blood pressure and blood fat levels. Moreover, it helps in regulating the heartbeat and preventing the death of healthy cells. All of these factors help to improve heart function.

Moreover, raw honey contains propolis which is a kind of resin which is produced by bees from sap-producing trees. Propolis helps to improve triglycerides as well as cholesterol levels.

  • Honey helps to soothe a sore throat and cough

We all know that honey is an old sore throat remedy which helps to soothe a sore throat. When the cold virus hits, you can take honey by adding it to hot tea with lemon to get rid of the cough.

Types of honey that you can get from PNE GOOD FOODS

  • Organic honey

As organic honey contains antioxidants, it helps to improve immunity and overall health. If you have diabetes, instead of taking refined sugar, you can safely take the natural sweetness of honey.

  • Ginger honey

To prepare this food item with pure honey and ginger, PNE GOOD FOODS uses a specific infusion method. Every morning, you can take Ginger Honey with a glass of warm water and a dash of lime.

  • Beetroot honey (Raspberry Flavored)

When Organic beetroot powder with raspberry flavor is blended with honey, it offers a lot of health benefits. As beetroot contains naturally occurring nitrates, it helps to increase blood flow. If you want to buy pure honey, then you should definitely contact  PNE GOOD FOODS, the most reliable Honey food ingredient supplier.

End note

The main target of PNE GOOD FOODS is to provide nutrient-dense ingredients and food items. Whether you need organic and natural spices like aromatic herbs, spice blends, and other food ingredients which are needed for both professional and home cooking, you should definitely contact PNE GOOD FOODS, the authentic Honey food ingredient supplier.

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