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With the goal of providing nutrient-dense food items and ingredients, PNE GOOD FOODS was founded in 2020. Standardized Food Products & Food Ingredients are produced by PNE GOOD FOODS for the benefit of its customers. We conduct research on the development of standardized phytogenic dietary ingredients and food products that are nutritionally dense and high in phytochemicals. Our scientific team is made up of scientists from a variety of universities, where we collaborate with the scientific community to do research. When it comes to preserving phytonutrients, regular food ingredient manufacturers do not do a good job, as PNE GOOD FOODS has discovered.

Adulteration Issues with Standardization

Despite its reputation as a high-quality food, honey is more susceptible than other honeys to adulteration, mislabeling, and unethical mixing. In addition, the natural food product is in high demand due to its limited supply, proven therapeutic and healing powers, and the growing population’s concern for their health. Honey would become a more attractive target for adulteration because of its enhanced economic value. Since food adulteration not only decreases the quality of food goods but also causes a number of health problems, it has been a big concern for consumers. In order to safeguard customers from dishonest practises, a value evaluation necessitates authentic food testing and toxicology of adulterants.

The spiciness of Ginger is due to its phenolic components containing 6,8,10-Gingerols, zingiberene, and Shogals, which are vital for the body’s nutrition. As with capsaicin, gingerol shares some molecular similarities with the potent active ingredient in chilli peppers that gives them their distinct heat. Its heat level is expressed in Scoville Units (SCU).

High Nutrition Value

Certified Organic Sources

Preserves The Environment

No Chemicals & Pesticides

How is PNE Good Foods unique in this aspect?

Total Gingerol Content in PNE GOOD FOODS STANDARDIZED GINGER HONEY is the criterion by which all batches of our honey are judged to be of the same quality and consistency.

There is an extremely unstable component in fresh Ginger that degrades almost instantaneously. The flavour and spiciness of gingerol are lost during the drying process, so dried ginger does not have these characteristics. Standardized Ginger Honey from PNE Good Foods has enough of this molecule to provide all the medical benefits of ginger’s high phytochemical content.

We deal with standardized products such as:

Spices are more than flavouring ingredients to us at PNE Good Foods. Spices not only add exquisite flavours to our food, they also encompass great medicinal benefits as encraved in ancient ayurvedic scripts. PNE Good Foods brought back these ingredients with full spectrum medicinal benefits along with rich flavour and aroma.


We have a goal to reach as many clients as possible and provide them with our high-quality standardized good ingredients, because of the quality of our products and the quality of our business relationships.


We strive to be an essential food components solution partner to global food industries & consumers by maintaining our high standards in quality, sustainability, consistency, and value-added support services.